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[Story] Psychopath (not the final title, I hope)

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[Story] Psychopath (not the final title, I hope)

Post  lf U Seek Amy on Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:14 am

Just a prologue type dealy... to see if it's worth continuin or something.

“James… I want you to tell me about when it started.” The man looked at me through his large glasses. I know for a fact he doesn’t wear those outside of this place. They’re just to make him seem intellectual. As if the certificates on the walls weren’t enough, this clown felt that he had to wear those stupid fucking glasses as well.

“When what started?” I asked jokingly. The man didn’t see the funny side. Of course he wouldn’t; he’s my psychiatrist. “Okay fine, have it your way.”

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